A healthier more fit you.

Personalized weight loss with a coach and ketogenic weight loss science

Helping you Achieve your goals

Stanley Wellness offers a friendly, supportive, and dedicated team to help patients set and achieve wellness goals.

How do we do it?

Smarter Eating

Teaching you to know exactly how your body gains weight so you can make smart choices to reach your ideal weight goals.

Personalized Help

Boost your chances of success and never wonder what’s next with the help of a dedicated health coach.

Lifetime Results

Encouraging you to ditch the hopeless cycle of dieting by retraining your habits to create lasting change you can stick with for good.

Introducing the Ideal Protein Protocol

The Ideal Protein Protocol burns fat while supporting muscle and teaches you how to develop smarter eating habits and lifestyle choices so you can stabilize and maintain a healthy weight. Here is how we make it healthier for the long haul:

Coaching support personal to your needs

The right food for your journey

Personalized lifestyle building technology

We really love you, too

A few words from someone finding success with Stanley Wellness.

Monica is my coach. I’ve only been using for 1 week. What I like about this is how nice everyone is. You have one on one time with your coach every week when you check in. In addition you have access to your coach anytime you want before then. There are many people on the program who offer support as well. Highly recommend.

-Margaret Stewart

I got my lab results back from my yearly wellness exam today. My blood pressure is now in the good range, my cholesterol is now 20 points lower and most remarkably, my ALT and fatty liver have been cut in half from 105 to 52 from last year!! I have lost 50lbs and feel so much better! This program is life changing. So glad I took the leap of faith and tried it! I couldn’t have done it alone. Thank you, Monica Reeves, for your knowledge and support!

Ideal Protein Client