Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal Protein

It ultimately depends on your ideal weight and how much you would like to lose. Out of the three phases of the protocol, all of the weight will be lost during first phase.

The first phase of the program is designed to train your body to use stored fat for energy. The Ideal Protein food keeps your metabolism up and discourages muscle loss. Consult with your wellness coach about any additional workouts beyond low-impact exercise such as yoga.

Not even close! The Ideal Protein foods are all non-GMO and were designed for absorption. The foods are tested based on the international bioavailability scale to be between 96% – 97% bioavailability. This means for the same number of calories; you receive up to 3 times the amount of nutrients. Essentially, you would need to eat up to 3 alternative products for every Ideal Protein food. That would mean up to 3 times the number of calories to equal the same nutrient value.

The average daily cost is around $15 which includes the cost of foods and supplements. It’s worth considering the cost of the protocol as a replacement for other items in your normal grocery list. Choosing healthier items such as the Ideal Protein foods and avoiding unhealthy food choices tends to result in a neutral cost.


Cannabinoids, and CBD specifically, are frequently used to improve sleep quality. Cannabinoids modulate the endocannabinoid system in the body, a system that regulates multiple homeostasis activities, including balancing the sleep/wake cycle. Cannabinoids’ mechanisms to improve sleep duration and quality vary and include activity on TRP channels and CB1 receptors. While CBD is not a hypnotic-like other sleep medications that come with risks of side effects or dependency, CBD may help achieve sleep through its anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving mechanisms.

There is mounting evidence of CBD’s potential as a neuroprotective agent.  Additionally, clinical evidence of CBD (and other cannabinoids) as a therapeutic option to help alleviate symptoms associated with certain neurodegenerative diseases is promising, particularly as it relates to stiffness, spasticity, and pain.

Industry-wide, Full-Spectrum CBD technically means the product contains CBD and some THC, £0.3% in hemp. At Ananda Professional, we consider Full-Spectrum to include CBD and £0.3%THC, plus other phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found naturally in the cannabis plant.  Full-Spectrum CBD is considered best, as it demonstrates the “entourage effect,” in which the other phytocompounds work synergistically to promote the effects of CBD.  Think of CBD like one musical note when used alone, whereas the entourage effect creates a symphony.

Broad Spectrum CBD products from Ananda Professional contain all of the compounds contributing to the entourage effect with the exception of THC. Broad-Spectrum CBD oil is a great option for those who cannot have any THC in their systems.