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I struggled with my weight for years after I had my baby. I hated the way I looked and felt. My endocrinologist told me that it was just hard for someone with PCOS to lose weight and that I would never be back to pre-baby weight. With the help of the Stanley Wellness Team and Ideal Protein I lost 40 lbs and weigh less than I did before I got pregnant and have the energy of a teenager. I love my body and have been keeping the weight off in the maintenance phase for 3 months now!!

-Marci Wyatt

 Last week, after years of struggling with Diabetes 2, I went off of the last of 3 meds. 2 for glucose, one for blood pressure.

Bonus – I’ve lost 58 pounds. The girl, who was told in 1993 by an endocrinologist that I couldn’t lose weight, has lost 58 pounds. And debating if it would be in the best interest of permanent blood glucose stability to lose up to 10 more. (I’d like to get my fasting sugar completely under 100. Today it was 101.) Trust me when I say – If I can do it, anyone can.

Do not have what I call a “diet mentality”. This is not something to go on and then stop using the concepts you learn as soon as you reach you current goal.

This is an opportunity to learn a healthy eating LIFESTYLE, that your personal coach can tailor to your body’s needs. 

-Wenoka Young