Introducing the Ideal Protein Protocol

The Ideal Protein Protocol burns fat while supporting muscle and teaches you how to develop smarter eating habits and lifestyle choices so you can stabilize and maintain a healthy weight.

Smarter Eating

Know exactly how your body gains weight so you can make smart choices to reach your ideal weight goals.

Personalized Help

Boost your chances of success and never wonder what’s next with the help of a dedicated health coach.

Lifetime Results

Ditch the hopeless cycle of dieting by retraining your habits to create lasting change you can stick with for good.

Dieting is hard.

You’ve been here before – more than once.

It’s easy to look back at old photos and remember “those days” when you felt good about yourself. Over the years, something changed, and now you find yourself stuck. Even if you know it’s time for something to change, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. Which plan will work? Is the latest fad really going to get me results? We’ve all tried countless diets with wildly different results. It’s easy to think “nothing works for me.” That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Once you understand how your body works to store and shed pounds, you can stop worrying about diets and start living your healthiest life.

There are three phases you must conquer to achieve the ultimate transformation.

Phase 1:

Weight Loss

To give you the best chance at success, we have to first reset your body. Forget everything you’ve been told about what to eat (or not eat). The goal here is to achieve your ideal weight. Don’t worry, you’ll have the guidance and accountability to keep you on track and closely monitor your progress.

Phase 2:


Almost every diet you’ve ever tried ends at the weight loss phase. The truth is, you’re in the most pivotal phase of your road to the ideal you. Normally your body will yo-yo back to where your weight started (or worse) because you simply stopped the plan. In this critical step we will ensure you successfully transition to a modified food plan.

Phase 3:


Otherwise known as your “lifestyle change,” this is where you have successfully retrained your mind and body when it comes to food. You’ll still have access to your personal coach to ensure your continued success.

When it’s all said and done, you will lead a new life - stronger, more confident, and healthier than ever.

The Right Food For Your Journey

We all know the right food choices are crucial in getting the results you’ve always wanted but can’t seem to achieve.

The truth is, dieting is hard, and usually doesn’t set you up for success. Whether it’s too vague, too restrictive, or simply not a good fit for your personal goals, most diets fall short.

Thankfully, Ideal Protein has a host of flavorful meals and snacks that will fuel your weight loss journey. Following the Doctor and Coach-led ketogenic protocol is easy. The Ideal Protein food choices are designed to sustain muscle mass while reducing carbohydrate and fat intake to shed pounds. As you develop smarter eating habits and adopt new lifestyle choices, you’ll be equipped with the mindset to maintain your ideal weight.

The Tools To Help You Succeed

Ideal Protein has a suite of personalized lifestyle building assistants designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals while on the phases of the Ideal Protein Protocol.

Protein App

As you progress through the program, you’ll learn smarter lifestyle habits like healthier food choices and the value of regular exercise. The Ideal Protein App is your pocket companion to help you:

Ideal Protein Platform

This is your personal reference center for coaching, content, and support. The Ideal Protein Platform mimics the app as an easy online interface:

Ideal Protein Scale

Remove the mystery behind weight loss with a more advanced scale from Ideal Protein. See your journey in real-time with the information that matters:

After you have accomplished your weight loss results, these assistants help you maintain “POSSIBLE” with smarter lifestyle living tools and support.

Get A True Sense Of Your Goals

Our wellness consult gives a clear picture of where you are at today, where you want to be in the future, and what we can do to help you achieve your ideal weight. This ultimately sets you up for success rather than chasing another fad and hoping for results with no sense of direction or plan in place.

You could easily spend hundreds of dollars on the equipment and coaching alone, not to mention the hundreds more dollars you already spend on food that doesn’t serve you well. The Ideal Protein Protocol could actually end up saving you money, not to mention the priceless health and body transformation as a result of sticking with the program and trusting the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

It ultimately depends on your ideal weight and how much you would like to lose. Out of the three phases of the protocol, all of the weight will be lost during first phase.

The first phase of the program is designed to train your body to use stored fat for energy. The Ideal Protein food keeps your metabolism up and discourages muscle loss. Consult with your wellness coach about any additional workouts beyond low-impact exercise such as yoga.

Not even close! The Ideal Protein foods are all non-GMO and were designed for absorption. The foods are tested based on the international bioavailability scale to be between 96% – 97% bioavailability. This means for the same number of calories; you receive up to 3 times the amount of nutrients. Essentially, you would need to eat up to 3 alternative products for every Ideal Protein food. That would mean up to 3 times the number of calories to equal the same nutrient value.

The average daily cost is around $15 which includes the cost of foods and supplements. It’s worth considering the cost of the protocol as a replacement for other items in your normal grocery list. Choosing healthier items such as the Ideal Protein foods and avoiding unhealthy food choices tends to result in a neutral cost.

What are you waiting for? Get started today and let’s work on the new you together.